New books available

My new books, It Was a Long Night for Sally Jouett and Jack Jouett: Revolutionary Rider, are now available. The second printing of No Borrowed Glory: A Revolutionary Experience is also available for sale. All three books may be ordered from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

In January 2014, we learned that Winepress/Pleasant Word our first publisher had gone out of business. We have been quite busy trying to get No Borrowed Glory back in print. This has the same text as the first book only the back cover information and picture have been updated. The price has been set lower than before.
All three are printed by Lightning Source.
The new ISBN for No Borrowed Glory is 978-1-4951-0876-1 and it sells for $12.95.
The ISBN for It Was a Long Night for Sally Jouett is 978-1-4951-0877-8 and sells for $5.95.
Jack Jouett: Revolutionary Rider is 978-1-4675-9030-3 and sells for $10.00.

The Jack and Sally books are set in the closing months of the Revolutionary War when British leaders moved the fighting to the southern states. Unable to subdue the more southern of these states, Cornwallis took his army to Virginia, the largest and wealthiest supplier of the patriot army. There he was determined to wreak havoc and destruction until the rebellious people surrendered. One of his final goals was to send Col. Banastre (Bloody Ban) Tarleton to capture then Governor Thomas Jefferson, the entire Virginia legislature and those men leading the war. He was almost successful in his mission. However, one man and his horse stepped in his way. Jack Jouett observed Tarleton and his 250 men as they rode by the Cuckoo Tavern in Louisa County late on June 3, 1781. With the British having a huge led, Jack and Sally started on a mission to save Jefferson and the legislature. Could they run fast enough, at night across the wilderness back roads, to save the men on whom the war depended?


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