The Battle of Great Bridge

BGB_COVER_BLACK_JPG    The Battle of Great Bridge on December 9, 1775, was an overwhelming  victory for the Virginia Colony. Because the British lost this one battle, they were forced to give up their rule over the largest and richest of the thirteen colonies. So how did minutemen defeat the best army in the world? 

  This booklet explains the influence of a newspaper, a hero, and a Royal Governor seeking to maintain proper order in an increasingly rebellious people. From research material, including letters and personal accounts on both sides, you can gain a better understanding of an early victory that helped set the stage for Yorktown in 1781. 

  The Battle of Great Bridge: “Boys, stand to your arms!” is a 45 page booklet that explains the events leading up to this exceedingly important confrontation. Introduced are the leaders, citizen soldiers and the Culpeper Minutemen who lived the experience.


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