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LowRes_5661294211036DWelcome to my website. I hope you will learn about my work and enjoy reading my books and other materials. I grew up in Hampton, Virginia and graduated Hampton High School Class of 1962. After graduating Frederick College, I started teaching in Nansemond County now Suffolk (VA). During the Vietnam War my husband was in the U. S. Air Force stationed at Wright-Patterson (Ohio) and Eglin Air Force Bases (Florida). Upon his discharge we returned to Virginia and moved to Isle of Wight County. (I of W)
I soon learned about Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett Young who saved our Isle of Wight County record books during the Revolutionary War. She and her most trusted black man took the records out of the courthouse and buried them in an old hair trunk outside of town. She remembered right where they were buried and dug them up after the war. Because of her we have some of the oldest records in the country.
Shortly after our return, my husband started building our house. I was busy with our two small sons (Andrew and Brian). I had no thoughts of writing a book. When the boys got older, I did hope to return to teaching. Fast forward to when our younger son, Brian was in high school. He became interested in writing. We went to a local writer’s group meeting and the CNU Writer’s Conference. That was all it took for me to be bitten by the writing bug. (My son became a much better writer than I am. He is now designing computer games for a company outside of Seattle, WA.)
My first book (No Borrowed Glory) is about Mrs. Young and the closing months of the Revolutionary War in Isle of Wight County. A neighbor (Thomas Finderson) and I researched ten years to learn about local events. Turncoat Benedict Arnold and Lord Cornwallis both came through I of W County. Cornwallis spent the night at a home not more than 10 miles from where I live. One of his officers lost a spyglass in the yard where they stayed. A black man found it and sold it in town. It is still here. We had a spy, a battle and a murder.
I didn’t have to make up much to write the book. I created a boy of 13, Nathaniel Chiles (I use family names), and wove him through the events.
We have groups of teachers and students who come to Smithfield (VA) to see the places mentioned in the book and to learn more about the Revolutionary War.
I love history and especially the Revolutionary War time period thanks to Elizabeth Young. This past summer I worked on Jack Jouett: Revolutionary Rider and It Was a Long Night for Sally Jouett.
Jouett saw British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton and his 250 soldiers ride by the Cuckoo Tavern in Louisa County (VA). Jouett guessed they were going to Charlottesville to capture Thomas Jefferson and all of the General Assembly members. By riding all night as fast as his horse could go, Jouett arrived at Jefferson’s home before the British. Jouett and his horse, Sally, saved the men and the Revolution.  It Was a Long Night for Sally is written from the horse’s viewpoint.

I plan to add more information to The Battle of Great Bridge: Boys Stand to Your Arms! about British Lord Dunmore and his time abroad his ship before he left Virginia waters. However, we recently learned my publisher for No Borrowed Glory has gone out of business. We will have to reformat the manuscript and find another printer. The book is not for sale on Amazon at the present time. I will continue to do book signings at the Williamsburg (VA) Barnes and Noble store on Merchant Square. They have a good supply in stock. Somewhere in time I hope to start working on my Blog site to post information from another booklet, The Making of a Revolutionary Experience: Research from NO Borrowed Glory.  My character Nathaniel Chiles has two brothers. I hope to do a book for Abram who is soldier and West who is a ship’s boy on Captain John Sinclair’s boat the Molly out of Smithfield.
Well it has been good connecting with you. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a good day, Judy

My work includes:
No Borrowed Glory- novel set in 1781
The Making of a Revolutionary Experience: Research from No Borrowed Glory-non fiction
Facts Within the Fiction: A Guide to No Borrowed Glory-nonfiction
The Battle of Great Bridge: “Boys stand to your arms!” –nonfiction
Jack Jouett: Revolutionary Rider- fiction due out late spring 2014
It Was a Long Night for Sally Jouett- fiction due out late spring 2014


10 thoughts on “Contact / Bio

  1. Mrs. Bander, I purchased your book, No Borrowed Glory (sorry I can’t underline), at the book shop in Williamsburg, VA in July of this year. You were there and signed it. I promised that I’d contact you when I read it. It is a wonderful story! I only wish that my students were old enough to read it. But I teach first grade. My husband is reading it now. You made those Virginia towns come alive for me as I read. I didn’t want to put the book down. What a happy way to read history. I could feel that coastal Virginia heat. Thank you for such an excellent book. I hope you write many more. Sincerely, Jessica Righter

    • Thanks for your comment I have finally gotten some web education and am trying to keep up with the comments and notes.I have just finished another American Revolution book called It was a Long Night for Sally Jouett. It’s written from Sally the horse point of view and is about Jack Jouett’s ride to save Thomas Jefferson in June 1781. It can be ordered from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Judy

  2. I spoke to Annie Evans tonight. She told me about A Long Night for Sally Jouett.
    Can I order the book through Barnes & Noble or a children’s book store in Richmond, Va? Annie says it is available through Amazon now.

  3. I was visiting in Louisa County this fall and went to the Historical Society and saw your book, It Was a Long Night for Sally Jouett. I came home to Ohio and promptly ordered it from Barnes and Noble. As an ancestor of Jack Jouett I enjoy reading everything about him I can find. This book was charming. The research was very specific and your writing was superb. Thank you for providing me with a great read. I envy your abilities.

    Judith Woodson Martin

  4. Mrs. Bander,
    Your book, It Was A Long Night For Sally Jouett, is great with its cool twist which tells the story of Jack Jouett’s ride from the perspective of his horse, Sally. It also has great information on what happened that night and just how important it was for Americans; as well as, giving details that the history books leave out and a new outlook on a classic tale. Thank you for letting me read this awesome book.


    Charles Cutler

  5. hi my name is Gracie i am 9 years grandpa was recently in Virginia and got two of your books i just finished It was a long night for sally jouett and is shipping the book to my cousin haley in Virginia and now i`m reading about Jack jouett and when i`m finished with jack jouett my grandpa will ship it to my cousin in virginia . i thought your books were very interesting sincerely, grace titus

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